Transformer turns ratio calculator online

The primary function of a power transformer is to step up or step down voltage as per the requirement. The magnitude of voltage transformation in a transformer depends on its turns ratio. The output voltage of any transformer can be theoretically calculated from its turns ratio. Use the following transformer turns ratio calculator for turns … Read more

Kilovolt ampere to kilowatts (kVA to kW) converter

Kilowatt is the unit of power. It is the product of voltage, ampere, and power factor. It is also called real power. One kilowatt(kW) is equal to a thousand watts(W). Use the following online tool to convert kilovolt ampere to kilowatts. Enter the kVA: Enter the Power Factor: Convert Also Try: Convert kW to kVA … Read more

kW to HP converter | Kilowatts to Horsepower converter

Here is a simple kW to HP converter and steps to unit conversion. Kilowatt and horsepower are units of power. Power is nothing but the energy converted per second. Power is a scalar quantity. The SI unit for power is watts. Horsepower is also a unit of power that is basically used to refer to … Read more

Horsepower to kilowatts (hp to kw) Converter

Horsepower and kilowatt are two different units of measuring power. Watts is the SI unit of power. It is a well-defined and normally used unit. This is a simple tool to instantaneously convert kilowatt into horsepower. HP to kW converter Enter HP Mechanical hpElectrical hpMetric hp HP to kW ConvertSwap How to convert horsepower to … Read more