Difference between Neutral and Earth

This article focus on explaining the similarities and dissimilarities between neutral and Earth (ground). Understanding the difference between the neutral and earth may be difficult in the beginning. A Lot…

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Power Factor – Importance, Calculation and Correction techniques

In AC power system, power factor is a very important parameter that defines how efficiently electric power is being utilized by the load. It is a rational number between -1 and 1 but has no unit. The power factor of a system depends on the type of load present, whether resistive, inductive or capacitive. The inductive and capacitive load has a negative impact on the power factor of the system.  Poor power factor results in an increase in current drained by the load.


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Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) – Principle of operation

Miniature circuit breakers commonly known as MCB, are mechanically operated switches cum circuit protection devices. It is an electro-mechanically operated automatic circuit protection devices. An MCB is used to interrupt a circuit during overload and short circuits. It can be used as an alternative to fuses for domestic applications. The advantage of MCBs over fuses is that MCBs are reusable even after interruption of the circuit after an overload or short circuit. Moreover, MCBs are more sensitive to faults than fuses. (more…)

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