An overview of Electric Machines

Electricity does not exist naturally in any useful form. It has to be generated from any other sources of energy such as solar, wind, hydro, thermal, atom, etc. Photovoltaic cells help us trap energy from the sunlight and generators are used to convert mechanical power available in other forms to electricity. The mechanical power can … Read more

What is meant by plugging a motor?

Induction motors are one of the major power-consuming load on the planet today and are widely used for all industrial and domestic applications. Plugging is one of the braking technique performed in the induction motors. Dynamic braking and regenerative braking are the other two braking methods. What is meant by plugging an induction motor? Plugging … Read more

Selection of contactor and overload relay for DOL starter

The below article can guide you through the selection of contactors and overload relays for a three-phase DOL starter and how to optimally size a DOL starter. Data required for the selection of contactor and overload relay All the above data can be obtained from the nameplate details on the motor. Parameters to be considered … Read more

Which is the most efficient electrical machine?

The most efficient electrical machine is the transformer. Transformers have efficiency above 95%. The autotransformer has an efficiency of close to 98%. The maximum efficiency is achieved under the fully loaded condition. Read More about Transformer: Electric Transformer