Transformer – FAQ | Interview Questions -Part 3

What is the purpose of transformer oil? Transformer oil functions as a coolant as well as insulating material. It also enables transformer protection during internal faults. It is chemically stable and has high thermal conductivity and dielectric strength. On the event of faults it decays rapidly and forms gases which operate Buchholz relay. What are … Read more

Transformer FAQ | Interview Questions -Part -2

How does a transformer work? A transformer is an electric machine that converts AC voltage from one level to another level with minimum power loss. It is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. A typical power transformer consists of two sets of coils – Primary coil and secondary coil. The rate of voltage transformation … Read more

Transformer FAQ and Transformer Interview Questions

Here are the most frequently asked transformer interview questions and their answers What is a transformer? By definition, a transformer is a static electrical device that transforms electric energy from one level to another level. Normally transformers are used to step up or step down voltage and current levels, impendence matching and providing electrical isolation … Read more