Current transformers (CT)- working, types and connection

What is a current transformer? A current transformer is a type of instrument, used to measure or sense large alternating currents by scaling it to a smaller, safer and measurable value. It transforms the primary current to a proportional secondary value in terms of magnitude and phase. Current transformers are available in various sizes and … Read more

Utilization categories for low voltage switchgear

It is necessary to select the correct rating of switchgear for any application. Therefore, during selection, it is necessary to know the characteristics of the load. The International electrotechnical commission in their standard for low voltage switchgear (IEC 60947) has defined utilization categories to simplify the selection of devices. The chosen switchgear must be capable … Read more

Difference between soft starters and VFDs

The most important difference between soft starters and VFDs is the role they play in motor control. Even though they have a similar principle of operation, they are different. This article will help you understand the difference between soft starters and VFDs. Why use VFDs and soft starters? When started by a direct-on-line starter, a … Read more