Diode ratings – How to understand a diode datasheet?

Datasheets released by diode manufacturers contain a number of diode ratings. In order to select diodes for an application, it is important to understand all the ratings listed in the datasheets. Here is a list of all diode ratings that you must remember always. Diode ratings Forward voltage drop (Vf) The voltage drop measured across … Read more

What is PIV rating in a diode?

PIV stands for ‘Peak Inverse Voltage’. It refers to the maximum reverse bias voltage a semiconductor diode or other semiconductor devices can withstand without damaging themselves. The peak inverse voltage is also known as peak reverse voltage. PIV rating of a diode is temperature-dependent. It increases with an increase in temperature and decreases with a … Read more

Difference between NPN and PNP transistors | NPN vs PNP Transistor

The bipolar junction transistors exist as NPN and PNP types. This article intents to help you understand the difference between these two types and how to use them in a circuit. Also, this will be helpful to automation engineers and instrumentation engineers in understanding 3 wire sensor connections. Transistors are made by combining two types … Read more