Dual-element time-delay fuses

Time-delay fuses can provide overload and short circuit protection while overcoming momentary current spikes. They are used for the protection of motors and transformers. The time-delay characteristics of these fuses typically allow them to be sized closer to the running rated full load current of the loads. Time-delay fuses are also known as slow-blown fuses … Read more

Top 5 differences between fuses and circuit breakers

Short circuits and overloads are abnormal conditions that cause heavy current flow in a circuit. Heavy currents are capable of damaging a device or a circuit and may end up with electrical hazards. Fuses and circuit breakers are protection devices that ensure the safety of the equipment or circuit in which they are used. This … Read more

Difference between fuse and MCB

Circuit protection devices such as fuses and MCBs are used to safeguard any equipment from damages caused due to short circuits. The usage of these devices does not mitigate the chances of occurrence of a fault. But can help us prevent the undesirable aftermaths of the electrical faults. This article is about the difference between … Read more