Electric Short Circuit

Electricity is required for lighting up our homes and powering up industries. It can be constructive or destructive depending on how carefully it is handled. One of the most dangerous situations is when there is a short circuit. You may have heard of fired accidents caused due to short circuits or even deaths due to … Read more

Difference between over-current and overload

Over-current and overload are abnormal conditions occurring in a circuit. This article well explains the difference between over-current and overload. Difference between over-current and overload Over-current Any situation in which the current flow through a device or conductor exceeds the desired value is known as over current. Both overload and short circuit can cause excessive … Read more

Difference between Short circuit and overload

Short Circuit A short circuit occurs when two or more current-carrying conductors of different phases or different voltage levels or different terminal (in DC circuits) come in contact with each other or with the ground. It is an abnormal condition during which current shoots up several times the permissible limits. Read about short circuits in … Read more