Number of poles calculator

Most of the time, the motor nameplates do not contain the number of poles data on them. The number of poles in a motor can be calculated from its synchronous speed and its rated frequency. Here is a simple synchronous number of poles calculator. Number of poles calculator in a motor Synchronous speed Rated frequency … Read more

Synchronous speed calculator

The “synchronous speed” is the speed of the rotating magnetic field in an electric motor. Here is a simple synchronous speed calculator. Always remember that the synchronous speed and rated speed are two different parameters. Motor synchronous speed calculator Number of poles Supply frequency hz Calculate Result Synchronous speed RPM How to use the synchronous … Read more

Motor torque calculator | Full load torque of a motor

The full load torque of a motor is the maximum torque that the motor can deliver when it is fully loaded. Here is a simple motor torque calculator that can help you calculate the full load torque of a motor. Motor torque calculator Enter the motor rated power HPkW Enter the motor rated speed RPM … Read more

Motor FLC calculator | Motor Full load current calculator

Motor FLC or full load current or full load amperes (FLA) of a motor is the maximum current the motor windings are designed to carry. Here is a simple motor FLC calculator that can help you calculate the motor full load current. Motor data input Motor Type Three PhaseSingle Phase Enter the motor rated voltage … Read more

Star-delta starter (Wye-Delta Starters) – Circuit, working

Induction motors are robust and reliable and are used in all industries across the globe. Various methods are followed to start induction motors, out of which star-delta starters are the most commonly used ones to reduce the starting current. Star-delta starters are cheaper than soft-starters and are widely seen in small-scale industries. Typically, star-delta starters … Read more

Star-Delta starter design tool | Wye-Delta starter design tool

Star-delta starters are widely used for starting three-phase induction motors. It can reduce current inrush to 1/3 of direct-on-line starting current. Here is an advanced Star-Delta starter design tool that will help you select the optimum current rating of contactors, fuses, and circuit breakers (MCB, MCCB) for a star-delta starter circuit. Online star-delta starter design … Read more

Direct-on-line starter | DOL starter selection tool

The direct-on-line starter is the cheapest motor starting method. In this method, full voltage is applied to the motor terminals. Here a comprehensive DOL starter selection tool, which can help you calculate the appropriate rating of the contactor, fuse, circuit breaker, and overload relay used in a DOL starter circuit. Motor data input Motor Type … Read more

Resistance calculator

Resistors are the basic building blocks of a circuit. They are used in circuits as voltage dividers, current limits, termination for communication links, etc. It is important to know how to calculate their ohmic value by referring to the color codes of the resistor. Here is a simple and easy-to-use resistance calculator. Resistance calculator tool … Read more

Power consumption & Energy usage of CFL lamps

CFL lamps or compact fluorescent lights are made to make lighting more energy efficient. It started replacing the incandescent lights. It was invented by Edward Hammer in1980 who was an Engineer at GE. The power consumption of CFL ranges from 10 watts to 50 watts depending on its extraction rate. Enter the wattage, hours of … Read more

Power consumption and energy usage of cooker hood

A cooker hood is essential to keep your kitchen odor free and smoke-free. It sucks the air from the kitchen and either sent it outside or removes the smell from the air and recirculates it back to the kitchen. The power consumption and energy usage of the cooker hood can be calculated here. The power … Read more