Interview Question – Variable frequency drives

Here are the most frequently asked interview questions on Variable frequency drives (VFD/VSD). This article aims to cover most of the interview questions on induction motors so as to prepare you to crack a job interview. Interview questions on variable frequency drives What is a VFD? Variable frequency drives/ variable speed drives/ VFD/ VSD are … Read more

Commissioning procedure for VFD (Variable Frequency Drive)

Commissioning of variable speed drive is the process of checking, inspecting, testing, and configuring the equipment at the project site so that it shall fulfill the technical and functional requirements of the customer. This makes the equipment ready for safe operation. This article explains the Commissioning procedure for VFD. Why is commissioning of variable frequency … Read more

Difference between soft starters and VFDs

The most important difference between soft starters and VFDs is the role they play in motor control. Even though they have a similar principle of operation, they are different. This article will help you understand the difference between soft starters and VFDs. Why use VFDs and soft starters? When started by a direct-on-line starter, a … Read more