What is energy?

Energy can be defined as the capacity to do work. It can also be defined as “stored work”. The terms energy and power are confusing and are interchanged most of the times. Consider that you are riding a bicycle at a speed of 20km/hr for an hour. A certain amount of work is done by … Read more

What is Resistance?

As we know the current is the flow of free electrons through material from a higher potential to a lower potential. During this flow, few of these electrons collide with other atoms in the material and lose their energy in the form of heat. These collisions cause a drop in potential across the material. This … Read more

Electric Current and Current Flow

To understand the basics of electricity it is necessary to understand the concepts of electric charge and current. Electrically charged particles are present in every matter in the universe. The unique property of these charged particles is that it can move on the application of an external force. This article aims to help you understand … Read more

Electric Charge

Like gravitational force that acts on all masses, the electrostatic force is another fundamental force in nature. The term ‘electric charge’ is very difficult to explain but we can describe its properties. All particles present in nature are composed of charges. The history of charges extends back to 200BC. If you want to experience charge, … Read more

Voltage and Electric potential difference

Voltage is the term used to refer to the potential difference. Every material in this world is made up of atoms. Each atom is made up of protons, electrons and neutrons, which are positively charged, negatively charged and electrically neutral respectively. As we know a force of attraction prevails between these positively charged protons and … Read more

Difference between neutral and earth / ground

This article focus on explaining the similarities and dissimilarities between neutral and earth (ground). Understanding the difference between neutral and earth may be difficult in the beginning. A Lot of safety and protection-related aspects need to be carefully studied for a better understanding of the difference between them. Note: For this article, let us consider … Read more

The direction of electric current

The direction of electric current can be a bit confusing topic. Here we have addressed your query. Hope this article shall be helpful to you in understanding the direction of current flow. Every particle in the nature other than the insulators* has a large number of free electrons in them. These electrons move randomly in … Read more