Power consumption and energy usage of induction cooktops

Induction cooktops use the principle of electromagnetic induction to cook food instead of thermal conduction. You can calculate the energy usage of induction cooktops here. The power consumption of induction cooktops ranges from 1200 watts to 3000 watts. A typical household induction cooktop consumes 1800 watts of power.

Enter the wattage, hours of usage, and cost per kWh. The energy usage calculator for induction cooktops gives you the total energy consumed by them. Also, you can find how much power your induction cooktop consumes.

Energy usage of induction cooktops

Average usage hours per day:
Cost per unit*:(Global Electricity rates)
Electricity usage per hour:
Electricity usage per day:
Usage cost per hour:
Usage cost per day:
Usage cost per month:
Usage cost per year:
*The cost is currency independent and same that of cost per unit input given.

Terms and definitions:


Power usage of the device in watts as mentioned on its label.

Cost per unit:

The average cost per unit charged by the electric utility. Every country has different tariff rates. Visit: Global Electricity prices for details if you don’t know how much the utility company charges you per unit or kWH.

Units per day:

The number of units of electricity consumed by the load every day considering the entered operation hours.

Hours of usage:

The number of hours the load is used per day.

The electricity usage depends on the wattage and the number of hours of usage. The utility company charges you for the total kilowatt-hour of energy you have consumed. Kilowatt-hour is the product of the power consumption of the load and the number of hours of usage.

Power consumption of induction cooktops

A typical induction cooktop consumes 1.8 kWh of energy per hour of usage. That means an hour of usage can cost you 0.22 cents.

energy usage of induction cooktops

Induction cooktops can work only if you use a ferromagnetic cooking vessel. A copper coil is found beneath the ceramic cooktop. When powered on current flows through the coil which generates an alternating magnetic field.

This alternating magnetic field produces eddy currents in the ferromagnetic cooking vessel placed over the cooktop. The vessel heats up due to its resistance to the flow of eddy currents.

Power consumption of an induction cooktop

The typical power consumption of a household single-plate induction cooktop is 1800 watts. Depending on the capacity and the number of plates, their power consumption also varies.

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4 thoughts on “Power consumption and energy usage of induction cooktops”

  1. My 6-burner gas stove cost about US $200. I use about 450 gms of LPG per day at a cost locally of about $0.18, or $5.65 / month for fuel. A 4-burner induction stove would cost about $1,500, and, used an average of 2 hrs a day at 1.8kW per hour for each burner would consume about 80 kWh / mo. at a local cost of about $20-30. Initial purchase would be 700% higher and monthly energy cost 4-500% higher.

  2. According to the EIA cost of propane in the US was $1/gal in 1995 and between $2 and $3/gal.

    At 5 lbs/gal the cost for 450 gas/1lb of propane is $0.20 in 1995 and currently between $0.40 and $0.60

    Propane is still cheaper at $12-$18/mo versus $20-30/mo for induction but not a huge difference. Call it $120/year.

    The cheapest 6 burner gas cook top on amazon is $219 but as high as $1400. The cheapest 6 burner induction is $2,500-$6,000. Those cost are much higher than your example. I would say for comparable stoves induction would be 2-3 times more expensive. Then you have to install a 220 volt outlet and 40-50 amp breaker for another $1,000. So 3-4 times more expensive.

    It is not cheap to get rid of fossil fuels. The majority of scientists predict catastrophic costs from global warming. If they are wrong induction stoves cost $5-10,000. If they are correct we need spend lots of money to stop burning fossil fuels and start doing it now.

    • you have to educate yourself what fossil is (and WHO invented this idea, that we will be out of it and WHY) and “global worming” – OMG, how ppl could be soo brainwashed! There is NO any kind of warming, read geology, you will find out….another BS agenda
      Sorry, has enough of that…
      The best induction I have is Thermador, expensive, YES, but worth any penny I paid and after 13 years there is no ANY repairs!

  3. forgot to tell you, now, unfortunately, I have GE Profile induction range and… I cannot compare 🙁
    Is working 1,5 year, then right side stopped working…now is her second year, not convenient – there is no timer for each burner, which is annoying AND less power, than in my previous cooktop


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