Torque-speed calculator & speed-torque calculator

Here is a calculator that can be used to calculate torque from speed and speed from torque. Torque-speed calculator Enter motor torque Enter motor power hpkW Calculate Result Motor speed rpm Speed-torque calculator Enter the motor speed RPM Enter the motor power hpkW Calculate Result Torque in N.m N.m Torque in Torque … Read more

Torque-power calculator & power-torque calculator

Here is a calculator that can be used to calculate torque from power and power from torque. Torque-power calculator Enter motor torque Enter the motor speed RPM Calculate Result Power in kW kW Power in hp hp Power-torque calculator Enter the motor power HPkW Enter the motor speed RPM Calculate Result Torque in N.m … Read more

Star-Delta starter wiring diagram – Control and power wiring diagrams

The power and control circuits of a star-delta starter are discussed in this article with the help of an actual star-delta starter wiring diagram. You can find the instructions to calculate the ratings of contactors for a star-delta starter circuit here: Star-Delta starter design tool. Further operation in detail can be found here: Star-delta starter … Read more

Motor locked rotor current calculator

What is ‘locked rotor current’? A motor at rest acts as if its rotor is locked. The locked rotor current and the starting current of a motor are one and the same. It is the starting current drawn by a motor when full nominal voltage is applied to its terminals. Here is a simple locked … Read more

Motor rated current v/s Full load current v/s Nominal current

The terms, motor rated current, full load current and nominal current, are very likely to confuse electrical engineers. Even though these terms are quite similar, there are slightly different from each other. Here is the clear definition of each one of them. Definitions Motor rated current The current drawn by a motor at its full … Read more

Simple motor rated current calculator with calculation steps

Motor rated current also known as full load amperes (FLA) of a motor is the maximum current the motor windings are designed to carry. Here is a simple motor rated current calculator. Motor data input Motor Type Three PhaseSingle Phase Enter the motor rated voltage V Enter the motor rated power HPkW Enter the motor … Read more

Induction motor slip calculator

The speed of an induction motor is always lesser than its synchronous speed. The difference between the actual speed and the synchronous speed of a motor is known as slip. Here is a simple induction motor slip calculator. If you want to calculate the synchronous speed, you can use the synchronous speed calculator tool. Measured … Read more

What is an Electric Motor?

An electric motor is an energy transformation machinery. It transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy. In other consumes electrical energy and delivers mechanical energy in the form of rotations. For example, an electric fan consists of a motor that draws electric energy from the mains and delivers kinetic energy (mechanical energy) in the form of … Read more

Parts of a motor

An electric motor converts electrical energy to mechanical energy. In general, an electric motor consists of a stator, a rotor, winding, bearings, and casing. The motor rotates due to the force of attraction or repulsion between the stator or rotor fields. This article provides you an overview of the parts of a motor. Parts of … Read more

Number of poles calculator

Most of the time, the motor nameplates do not contain the number of poles data on them. The number of poles in a motor can be calculated from its synchronous speed and its rated frequency. Here is a simple synchronous number of poles calculator. Number of poles calculator in a motor Synchronous speed Rated frequency … Read more