What is inductance?

  It is a property of a circuit element called inductor to store energy in the magnetic field when current passes through it. A basic inductor can be made by…

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What is voltage?

  There are two types of charges namely positive charge and negative charge. As we all know these charges are opposite and they attract . A work is done to separate…

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What is resistance?

  Resistance is the property of a material to oppose the flow of electrons through it (current). When electrons flow through a material, they collide with the other atoms in…

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How do Fuel Cells Work?

Fuel Cell Fuel cells cleanly and efficiently convert chemical energy from hydrogen-rich fuels into electrical power and usable high-quality heat in an electrochemical process that is virtually absent of pollutants.…

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How does a car Air Conditioner work?

Air conditioning works continuously and has refrigerant continually circulating around a sealed system. Most automotive A/C systems are made up of six main components:-

  1. Compressor and mounting brackets
  2. Condenser
  3. Receiver/ drier
  4. Expansion Valve
  5. Evaporator
  6. Hose & fittings

How does a car Air Conditioner work?

The easiest way to explain how the system works is to trace the refrigerant as it flows through the system:- (more…)

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How does a speaker work?

Speaker is a device which converts electrical signal into sound waves. By
its property, sound is made when an object makes the particles around it
vibrate. These vibrations travel through the air, and reach our ears. Our brain
interprets this motion as sound. The amplitude of the waves corresponds to the volume level we hear and the frequency decides the nature of sound. (more…)

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How does a scanner work?

Scanners are used to create a soft copy of available photos and documents.

When we open the scanner we can see a glass plate. We have to place the
document that we need to scan over the glass plate. (more…)

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Optical Mouse

The Optical mouse was introduced by Agilent Technologies in 1999.  In this technology uses a tiny camera that takes thousands of pictures per second to determine position and speed. A very small light emitting diode is used in the optical mouse. Commonly preferred LED is red LED. The light from the LED falls on the mouse pad or desk surface and bounces back onto a CMOS (Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor).


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Fluorescent lamps

Fluorescent lamps are commonly used every where. These lamps are more energy efficient than ordinary incandescent light bulbs. (more…)

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