Transformer Action

Transformer action is a phenomenon by which EMF(Electro-motive force) is induced in from one coil to the other coil by electro magnetic induction. It is the basic principle of electric…

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Series and Parallel circuits

Series and parallel connection of lamps Current flow in a circuit is determined by the impedance offered by the circuit components, which is in turn determined by the way circuit…

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What is an Electric Circuit?

What is an Electric Circuit?Two or more circuit components such as power source, resistors, inductors and capacitors when interconnected, it forms an electric circuit. (more…)

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Difference between volts and watts

Volts and watts are two of the most common and key terms in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Most of the times these terms confuse the newbie or…

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The direction of electric current

The direction of electric current can be a bit confusing topic. Here we have addressed your query. Hope this article shall be helpful to you in understanding the direction of…

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What is short circuit?

A short circuit is a situation in which two or more different lines (having different voltage levels/ different phase/ different terminals) come in contact and finally leads to the flow…

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Working of Diode rectifiers (Uncontrolled rectifiers)


Circuits that are used to convert the Alternating Current (AC) input power into a Direct Current (DC) output power is known as rectifier circuits. Rectifiers are found in almost all equipment, from a low voltage battery charger to High Voltage DC transmission systems. Basically, rectifiers are classified into Controlled rectifiers and uncontrolled rectifiers. In controlled rectifiers, semiconductor switches such as thyristors, BJTs, MOSFETs, IGBT etc are used. The output parameters of a controlled rectifier can be easily controlled with the help of semiconductor switches. In this article only the uncontrolled rectifiers are discussed. As the name indicates these rectifiers cannot be controlled externally. Controlled rectifiers are made up of a few diodes and conditioning elements such as capacitors.


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What is inductance?

  It is a property of a circuit element called inductor to store energy in the magnetic field when current passes through it. A basic inductor can be made by…

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